Spring in Paris

Here in Paris, the warm Spring temperatures draw the city’s residents to the banks of the Seine to indulge in a spot of picnicing, one of the many perks of living in Paris.


I wandered along the river the other evening crossing over from my Left Bank neighbourhood to my favourite bar at Palais Royal and home again a few hours later.

DSC05990 DSC05988

Vive le printemps! 🙂


Sniffles & Study

Photo shoots are on hold this weekend because I’m sick! Again…! I think that the cold I picked up in Liverpool a few weeks back never quite left me and decided to come back for a second attempt to defeat me…

So whilst sniffling and coughing and trying not to breathe the same air as Michael, I’m taking this opportunity to catch up on my learning of the more technical aspects of photography. That side of things has slowed down a little bit I have to admit, now that I feel like I have understood the aperture, shutter speed, depth of field etc etc, my creative mind decided it was sick of the study and just wanted to get out there & practise. So I need to get back on the learning wagon!

A friend of mine has been very helpfully spoon-feeding me useful links such as this one..

It came at exactly the right time as I had been thinking a lot about this after doing a series of headshots for the Linkedin pages of some friends/old colleagues. We battled against midday sun (an error I know but it was unavoidable that week with all of our busy timetables) and ended up with a series of photos that were maybe a little too bright. Note to self: Next time, do it at 5pm!

Have a lovely weekend in the sun !

Jacinta’s Visit

One of my oldest and very best friends, Jacinta, came to visit me this weekend. Coming from a family of Francophiles, Cint has already visited Paris many a time, so we avoided the tourist traps (hooray!) and instead spent the weekend catching up and mooching around the parisian streets and markets, eating far too much… Of course my camera came everywhere with us!


More to come from this visit soon!

Birthday Weekend

First things first, I want to say again a big thank you to those of you who grouped together to get me my first portrait lens for my birthday this weekend. I am beyond happy with it and I spent a wonderful day yesterday walking the streets of north-east Paris with my (increasingy reluctant!) live-in model, soaking up the Spring time sun. I know I have proclaimed Spring on here once before and I apologise, it was a false alarm. Hopefully I havent jinxed it again!

Here are some shots from our Sunday stroll around Buttes-Chaumont and the 19th arrondisement.

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I also couldn’t resist an impromptu photo shoot with this little guy, called Fedor…. I love Border Terriers! It was so hard to get a good shot because he had so much energy!


And then there was this cool dude…. he had some good moves !


Luckily for Michael and the poor unsuspecting children and animals who cross my path, I have some photo shoots lined up with friends the next few weeks so watch this space!

Riverside wandering

This past week, I joined photographic forces with Lindsey from Pictours Paris to take a walk along the Seine. Despite the spots of rain and freezing temperatures, we made it from Bercy to the Louvre. Good going considering the number of bridges we zig-zagged across. I managed to capture a mish-mash of metros, street art, flowers, boats and classic Parisian river-side scenes. Here are just a few of my shots from the day.


Happy Easter!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend! I am heading over to Liverpool tonight & I can’t wait to see family & friends, indulge in some lovely food & get some fresh sea air into my lungs…


Yesterday, I strolled along the seine taking pictures with the lovely Lindsey from Pictours Paris. These beautiful flowers were at Marché aux Fleurs. More pictures to come from our little adventure soon!

Sturdy doors & cheeky parisians


I took this photo at the weekend in the marais.  It was funny because I had to have a few attempts as it was on a busy street and as I was looking through my viewfinder, people kept walking infront of the doorway, waving or sticking their tongues out at the camera. I kept looking up & trying to catch them in the act (not to be menacing but just to smile & show them I found it funny too) but they carried on walking and instantly went back to their poker faces, as if to say “It wasnt me trying to ruin your photo, mademoiselle!”

Speaking of jokers, I’m not sure if this door knocker dude that I stumbled upon is also being goofy or slowly having his brains eaten away by all those snakes….?


Le 20ème

It seems like spring is finally on the way here in Paris! The sun is still in hiding but its warm. I was so happy yesterday to shed my winter layers and re-acquaint myself with my leather jacket and sunglasses. I was also happy that my boyfriend is really getting into the spirit of my photo quest. He suggested walking the streets together yesterday morning taking pictures. I guess when you live with someone who talks about photography a lot, you probably have to get on the bandwagon! In fact he actually had in mind to show me a large graffiti wall on Rue des Maraîchers in the 20th. I was pretty excited, not gonna lie! And then pretty swiftly disappointed when we discovered that it has recently been demolished.

SONY DSCNo graffiti wall….”Quoi??!!

The mini tour continued..! I hardly ever go over to this area because its quite far from where I live so for me it was still a small voyage of discovery. It seems like its becoming a cool area. Everywhere I looked there were unexpected passages and splashes of colour.



My friend Alexis, who features in yesterday’s post told me that she had felt “weird” when she saw the photos of herself. She assured me it was “happy weird” and that she felt like she had seen herself in a totally different light which didn’t match the “self” that she sees in the mirror every day. I love this idea! We talked about how when we look in the mirror, we distort our self-image a little, whether it be a little lip pout or head tilt to show yourself your best features. I think that most of us do it. So when we allow someone to photograph us, we have to be a little bit brave & hang over that control to another person who will control & manipulate your image. Some people think it takes a vain person to want to have portraits done of themself.. but does it really? I think its quite brave. On that note, I am looking for volunteers to take portraits of around Paris…who is brave enough?!

Here are some of my recent and slightly older portraits. Very soon i’ll be getting my new 50mm fixed focus lens which will make portraits so much easier I hope!


Shoot with Alexis

This week I took a series of photographs with a good friend in Paris. We headed to Bibliotèque François Mitterand and then wandered around the 13th neighbourhood. For this session, I had in mind that I wanted a more modern, urban backdrop to my photographs. I never get tired of the classic beauty of Paris but sometimes I want to leave behind the picture perfect tourist Paris and seek out some modern, angular architecture with a hint of colour. Or sometimes just a bit of grimy, mucky, imperfection…

So here are a few of my favourite shots from the day…ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage