Sniffles & Study

Photo shoots are on hold this weekend because I’m sick! Again…! I think that the cold I picked up in Liverpool a few weeks back never quite left me and decided to come back for a second attempt to defeat me…

So whilst sniffling and coughing and trying not to breathe the same air as Michael, I’m taking this opportunity to catch up on my learning of the more technical aspects of photography. That side of things has slowed down a little bit I have to admit, now that I feel like I have understood the aperture, shutter speed, depth of field etc etc, my creative mind decided it was sick of the study and just wanted to get out there & practise. So I need to get back on the learning wagon!

A friend of mine has been very helpfully spoon-feeding me useful links such as this one..

It came at exactly the right time as I had been thinking a lot about this after doing a series of headshots for the Linkedin pages of some friends/old colleagues. We battled against midday sun (an error I know but it was unavoidable that week with all of our busy timetables) and ended up with a series of photos that were maybe a little too bright. Note to self: Next time, do it at 5pm!

Have a lovely weekend in the sun !


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