Marché Mooching

On Sunday, I woke my friend Jacinta up with a cup of tea and asked her “If you don’t do hair & make-up, how long will it take you to get up & out?”…. “5 minutes” she told me confidently. I was fully aware that it’s a challenge for any Liverpool girl, we dont do bare faces and bed hair with the same ease as the french lovelies amongst us…its in our genetic make-up to want to preen at least a little.

Anyway, Jacinta stuck to her word & we both got ourselves out of the door swiftly and headed to the organic market on Boulvard Raspail, a stone’s throw away from my appartment.


Cint later said that this was the highlight of her trip! I realised then that I take for granted my weekly trips to this amazing market.


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