Birthday Weekend

First things first, I want to say again a big thank you to those of you who grouped together to get me my first portrait lens for my birthday this weekend. I am beyond happy with it and I spent a wonderful day yesterday walking the streets of north-east Paris with my (increasingy reluctant!) live-in model, soaking up the Spring time sun. I know I have proclaimed Spring on here once before and I apologise, it was a false alarm. Hopefully I havent jinxed it again!

Here are some shots from our Sunday stroll around Buttes-Chaumont and the 19th arrondisement.

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I also couldn’t resist an impromptu photo shoot with this little guy, called Fedor…. I love Border Terriers! It was so hard to get a good shot because he had so much energy!


And then there was this cool dude…. he had some good moves !


Luckily for Michael and the poor unsuspecting children and animals who cross my path, I have some photo shoots lined up with friends the next few weeks so watch this space!


One thought on “Birthday Weekend

  1. The very first one is my absolute favourite! So good. Although they are all lovely 🙂 Looking forward(/am rather nervous!) to be your next subject!

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