My friend Alexis, who features in yesterday’s post told me that she had felt “weird” when she saw the photos of herself. She assured me it was “happy weird” and that she felt like she had seen herself in a totally different light which didn’t match the “self” that she sees in the mirror every day. I love this idea! We talked about how when we look in the mirror, we distort our self-image a little, whether it be a little lip pout or head tilt to show yourself your best features. I think that most of us do it. So when we allow someone to photograph us, we have to be a little bit brave & hang over that control to another person who will control & manipulate your image. Some people think it takes a vain person to want to have portraits done of themself.. but does it really? I think its quite brave. On that note, I am looking for volunteers to take portraits of around Paris…who is brave enough?!

Here are some of my recent and slightly older portraits. Very soon i’ll be getting my new 50mm fixed focus lens which will make portraits so much easier I hope!



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