I have just returned from a wonderful week on the Cote D’Azur and am very much feeling the post holiday blues! Colours, scents and flavours are all intensified in the south. Its hard to not feel instantly relaxed!

Now back in Paris (3 jellyfish stings + around 50 mosquito bites later), everything seems a little grey and dulled down, despite the wonderful sunny weather.

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Take me back to the south, please!



Just wanted to share with you a few photos from a recent trip to Normandy. It was a perfect seaside weekend of wonderful food (I tried moules frites for the first time!), windy walks along the beach and cosy film watching as the rain battered down outside.

These were actually taken with my iphone and then Instgrammed… I couldnt resist adding an atmospheric filter to these photos of the blustery beach and harbour.

norm2 norm3 norm4 normandy1


On Sunday, I went to see the “Dynamo” exhibition at the Grand Palais. I would totally recommend it! The exhibition looks at how artists have worked with the themes of light, vision and movement over the past century. The result will take you on a journey of amazing optical illusion, covering an enormous surface of the palace. You need to set aside a couple of hours to get the most out of it! I absolutely loved it & found it so inspiring for my current projects.



This exhibition is a complete attack on the senses….in a good way! There are certain small rooms along the way that challenge us to see how we cope when put in situations that our senses aren’t used to.

My advice would be to go with someone you’re ok with holding hands with!!

Meet Elle

This weekend, I met up with Fashion & DIY blogger, Elle Frost for a few drinks and a wander in the marais. She is both exceedingly stylish and really fun…well she’s an English girl à Paris, what did you expect? 😉

Check out her blog here

We took some photos together of Elle looking very chic in this classic trench.

elle frost

I’m really excited to collaborate with her again soon!

Giverny in Spring

During the month of May, we are spoilt with lots of bank holidays in France, meaning that it’s a disjointed month of very short working weeks and with that comes plenty of opportunities for travel and adventure!

Yesterday, on jeudi de l’ascencion, Michael and I took our bikes and went cycling in the region north of Paris, between the Ile de France & Haute-Normandie.

We took the 7h30 train from St Lazare to Vernon. I don’t do so well with very early mornings so this was most unusual and an accomplishment in itself for me! I triumphantly took this photo as evidence that we made it on to the train with time to spare!


When we realised that we would be starting our cycle ride right next to Monet’s garden at Giverny, we knew that we absolutely had to visit. Needless to say, it was stunningly beautiful. Spring is most definitely the perfect time to go…that is, if you can stand the masses of tourists. You really have to get your elbows out if you want to take a decent photo without any photo-bombers!

DSC07422DSC07428DSC07456 DSC07454

The garden is like a kaleidoscope of colour in Spring when the Japanese cherry, apple and apricot trees are in full blossom.

4flowersDSC07541 DSC07537 DSC07535hen DSC07518DSC07517DSC07501DSC07480 DSC07473

We spent a while trying to get the perfect shot of this big mamma frog! Michael held on to me whilst I dangled myself over the lilies.


Finally all the tourists got to be too much for us & we needed to get cycling! As we made our way through the countryisde, we were surrounded by rolling fields of vibrant yellow rapeseed. Such a nice change from the 50 shades of parisian grey!


50 km later & sore, cyclist’s bums all round (!), we took the train back to Paris from Gisors.

Now, its time for a me to catch up on editing a load of photos from some shoots this week. Watch this space! 😉

La Petite Ceinture

Exciting adventures to report!! I spent this week’s May day bank holiday discovering along with 3 friends “la petite ceinture” (the little belt), the disused railways lines of Paris that go around the edges of the east side of the city. The track still belongs to the SNCF and is a well trodden path for photographers and people “in-the-know”! We felt a little bit like the modern, over-grown version of the railway children…

I took a ridiculous amount of photographs. There was so much street art that I was like a kid in a sweet shop. So here are just a few shots of our epic adventure from the day!


And then for some well deserved beers…!



For more photographs of my adventures around Paris, you can find me on Instagram. My username is lchester74. Im so addicted that sometimes I feel like my iphone 4S is my second pair of eyes (if I dont have my DSLR with me!)


Spring in Paris

Here in Paris, the warm Spring temperatures draw the city’s residents to the banks of the Seine to indulge in a spot of picnicing, one of the many perks of living in Paris.


I wandered along the river the other evening crossing over from my Left Bank neighbourhood to my favourite bar at Palais Royal and home again a few hours later.

DSC05990 DSC05988

Vive le printemps! 🙂


Last night I met up with my old flatmate and friend Isabel for a long overdue catch up and glass of wine in the sun. Isabel is an actress, blogger and lover of all things stylish (being Swedish that’s probably a given ?!) It was so much fun to take photos with someone who is so at ease in front of the camera…she stole the show up at Montmatre last night! Here are just a few snaps from our walk around…


isabel carouselDSC05738DSC05740DSC05702DSC05680DSC05658DSC05652DSC05653DSC05788DSC05786DSC05878DSC05870DSC05856DSC05857DSC05905


Any more takers for a portrait sesh?

L xx